2019 writing plans

Going into 2019, I wanted to share my writing plans. Having learned a tonne from starting my writing journey in July this year, I feel that now I can throw everything I have at it next year. Short stories aplenty [...]

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Monthly progress report

Here’s a run down of all the stories I’m working on and what I’ve learned or found useful over the last month. The Camp – Novel The first draft of my first novel is done. It’s been sitting since September. [...]

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Weekly progress report

My short story, Dark Days, is finally ready to submit. Bring on the rejections! This will be the first story I’ve ever sent out so I’ll post about my experience as I wrap my head around the submissions process. I [...]

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My year in books

It’s been a great reading year; probably the best one I’ve ever had. I managed to read 107 books in 2018, slightly below my 2017 total but the number of books isn’t so important. What is important is that I [...]

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Weekly progress update

Last week was spent finishing the first draft of Left Behind and then getting roughly half way through the second ahead of it going to an editor this week. It was a challenge. Upon rereading it, the story needed some [...]

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