Join me as I earn my writing chops.

I’ll post regular updates about the many rejections I’ll receive on my way to (hopefully) becoming a published writer one day. I’ll share my experiences and useful things I learn along the way as well as progress updates and monthly reviews of the short stories I’m reading. Along with sharing my pain, I hope you can find something useful in these pages.

I write speculative fiction (mostly fantasy) about the horror that is real life. I am heavily inspired by Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin and Michael Connelly.

Changes to what I post

I’m going to make a few changes to what I post on here so that I can make sure I have the most amount of time for my writing whilst still being as helpful as I can be. Progress updatesI like reading posts about how other writers are doing, but [...]

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Short stories of the month – December

Here are the best short stories I read in December. Please note: Not all stories are from this month. Some outlets publish quarterly, others every two months, etc. These are simply some of the tales I read in December. Please check out these publications (and others) and support them! Best [...]

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2019 writing plans

Going into 2019, I wanted to share my writing plans. Having learned a tonne from starting my writing journey in July this year, I feel that now I can throw everything I have at it next year. Short stories aplenty I’m waiting to hear back from my first ever submission [...]

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Monthly progress report

Here’s a run down of all the stories I’m working on and what I’ve learned or found useful over the last month. The Camp – Novel The first draft of my first novel is done. It’s been sitting since September. I’ll discuss this more in an upcoming post, but my [...]

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Weekly progress report

My short story, Dark Days, is finally ready to submit. Bring on the rejections! This will be the first story I’ve ever sent out so I’ll post about my experience as I wrap my head around the submissions process. I have my top seven publications to send this one to. [...]

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Work in Progress

The Camp (novel) – 2nd draft 7%
Endless Circles (short) – 2nd draft 100%
Sparks (short) – 2nd draft 100%
Of Fire and Sludge (short) – 1st draft 50%
Jars (short) – rewrite 42%
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