Join me as I earn my writing chops.

I’ll post regular updates about the many rejections I’ll receive on my way to (hopefully) becoming a published writer one day. I’ll share my experiences and useful things I learn along the way as well as progress updates and monthly reviews of the short stories I’m reading. Along with sharing my pain, I hope you can find something useful in these pages.

I write speculative fiction (mostly fantasy) about the horror that is real life. I am heavily inspired by Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin and Michael Connelly.

My year in books

It’s been a great reading year; probably the best one I’ve ever had. I managed to read 107 books in 2018, slightly below my 2017 total but the number of books isn’t so important. What is important is that I discovered new favourite authors, explored new genres and stepped outside [...]

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Weekly progress update

Last week was spent finishing the first draft of Left Behind and then getting roughly half way through the second ahead of it going to an editor this week. It was a challenge. Upon rereading it, the story needed some major work but I feel much better about it now. [...]

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Short stories of the month

Here are the best short stories I read this month. Please note: Not all stories are from “this month". Some outlets publish quarterly, others every two months, and so on. I simply read what I can when I can. Please check out these publications and support them! Some months are [...]

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Weekly progress update

Last week, I managed to put the finishing touches on two short stories, The Hag and Falling. These are now ready to go to an editor. After much deliberation and a ranking of the ideas I have, I decided that the next two short stories I want to write are [...]

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How I write

Outline, outline, outline with some pantsing I’ve attempted to begin writing at many points throughout my life but found myself giving up after ‘something magical’ didn’t happen whenever I stared at a blank piece of paper. As I have to do in my job, I need outlines. That’s been a [...]

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Work in Progress

The Camp (novel) – 2nd draft 7%
Endless Circles (short) – 2nd draft 100%
Sparks (short) – 2nd draft 100%
Of Fire and Sludge (short) – 1st draft 50%
Jars (short) – rewrite 42%
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