2019 writing plans

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Going into 2019, I wanted to share my writing plans. Having learned a tonne from starting my writing journey in July this year, I feel that now I can throw everything I have at it next year.

Short stories aplenty

I’m waiting to hear back from my first ever submission and I should have three more to send early in January. My plan is to write and finish another nine shorts in the first three months of the year.


I want to enter a few competitions (shoot for the stars, right?) and have chosen which stories I will write according to which competitions I wish to enter. These include the Scottish Arts, Aeon, Bristol, Bridgeport and Costa competitions. If I can place in just one of these I’ll be over the moon.

Of course, most of this depends on me being able to book editors and turn stories around in time for deadlines. So if I miss them, I’ll just submit to other publications.

Second draft of The Camp

My novel is starting to burn a hole in my forehead; I need to pick it up again. I still want to learn as much as I can by writing shorts so this is why I’ve decided to leave The Camp sitting a little while longer before I jump into the misery of the second draft. I will begin this on 1 April, come hell or high water.

My aim is to have this second draft completed by end of September and sent off to an editor and then start the daunting task of a final draft before submitting it to major publishers. This last step will no doubt take place in 2020. I’ll start outlining my next novel in between so it’s good to go and I may even work on Tunnel, a novella, before that next novel.

I have a short story lined up, Big Rush, to work on just to give me a bit of a break in the middle of the second draft and no doubt I’ll have submissions, etc. to work up to keep me plenty busy.

Yet more shorts

I have another 17 shorts that I want to squeeze in by the end of the year, some of which are set in more traditional high-fantasy settings. I’m under no impression that I’ll get them all done, but who knows.

Writing resources

I will make a resources page on this site and link to all the helpful pages that I’ve found. There are numerous pages out there, some more helpful than others, and if I can share these and help other writers then I’ll be a happy man.

And the big challenge…

I return to work in January. I took the second half of the year off this year to spend time with my son. Whilst my schedule shouldn’t actually change that much (writing will still be confined to evenings and weekends), my brain will have to contend with my job which demands that I be creative.

This can be a good thing. Exercising the creative parts of my brain and writing on deadline every day is something that can only help. But expending a lot of creative energy through the day and then trying to write at night is something I’m just going to have to power through (with copious amounts of coffee!).

What are your 2019 goals? Let me know and we can make sure we both stick to them! Happy writing.

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