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I’m going to make a few changes to what I post on here so that I can make sure I have the most amount of time for my writing whilst still being as helpful as I can be.

Progress updates

I like reading posts about how other writers are doing, but I simply don’t have the time to track word counts and hours spent writing each day. So, instead of my weekly progress updates, I’ll be posting one progress update per month.

This will give a broad update on the projects I’m working on along with how I feel I performed in the past month. I will also set myself clearer goals and then reflect on them also. So feel free to kick my ass if I’m not sticking to them.

Short stories of the month

I will continue to award my short stories of the month. I think it’s important to share the love and more people should read short stories; they are ace.

I’ll recap best stories for the first half of the year and do a short stories of the year blog in December, too.

More writerly things

I’ll continue to share my thoughts in random posts about my own writing but I will also share thoughts on wider topics. I’ll share a ‘helpful tips’ blog, assembled from various sources of inspiration.

And I’ll build my Resources page to link to the helpful things I’ve found.


I plan on going along to a bunch of book events so I’ll write posts to recap what I learned, etc.

Happy writing!

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