February progress update

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Here’s what I’m working on and what I’ve learned or found useful over the last month. There’s also a wee update on what I’ve read and my current progress against my February goals.

Work in progress

The Camp – Novel

The first draft of my first novel is done. It’s been sitting since September. My plan was to pick this back up on 1 April but the characters are screaming at me. I may jump into this one earlier than expected – probably end of this month once I finish other short stories.

Status – Benched, for now…

Endless Circles – Short

The second draft of this one is done and I’m pleased with the story. This is one I dumped since it was such a train wreck. I picked it back up and made some fundamental changes, giving it a complete rewrite. Essentially, I changed the main character.

Status – Second draft done and editor comments received

Well – Short

I’m super excited about this one and have high hopes for it. I think it can be the best thing I’ve written yet. I’ve got my sights set on a major publication for this one as I think it’ll be a nice fit. I should get editor comments back very soon and aim to submit at the end of Feb.

Status – Second draft done, awaiting editor comments

Sparks – Short

I’m having a bit of trouble with this one. I was stoked about the idea but on reading over my first draft, I’ve made some major tweaks. I’ve changed pov from 3rd to 1st and now it feels much better.

Status – Second draft done, awaiting editor comments

Submissions report

I got my first short story acceptance and I’m still overjoyed. It was such a great feeling opening that email; it’s made me believe that I can do this. My acceptance rate is currently 20%. I’m under no illusion that it’ll stay that high.

I’ll post the link to Left Behind when it’s posted by the publication. I find it helpful when author’s write about where their idea came from so I’ll post an intro for each story.

I have three stories submitted at the moment (Falling, The Hag and Jars). I expect to hear from a major publication very soon, fingers crossed!

I’ve submitted my story, Round, to my first ever competition. I won’t hear back about this one until August.

I received a few rejections. The one personal rejection I got was super helpful. I’m earning that tough skin!

February goals

  • Finish and submit Well
  • Finish Sparks
  • Finish and submit Endless Circles
  • Begin 2nd draft of The Camp
  • Post blog on my experience of first six months writing

What I’ve learned…

Podcasts – so many out there but Mythcreants and Writing Excuses rock

You should check out both the Mythcreants and Writing Excuses podcasts. Both of them are super short, and super helpful. Hearing from experiences editors and writers (Brandon Sanderson runs Writing Excuses) has given me a lot to think about.

Bookish things

Swan Song

Robert McCammon’s post-apocalyptic story is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Great characters and a riveting storyline that just keeps pounding at your heartstrings. It has everything I’ve ever wanted in a book and it’s a masterclass in writing.

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