Going round in Endless Circles

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I wrote a story, Endless Circles, that doesn’t appear in my progress updates or progress bar. The reason? My first draft sucked so much that I, literally, threw the paper it was written on across the room and had to calm myself down. Jeez’um crow, it sucked. It sucked bad.

The story, which is about a heroic fire fighter (they’re all heroic) and his addiction is one that I was so pleased with when the idea struck me. I came up with it when doing my word association exercises and it screamed at me to be written. And so, I wrote it. And so, I hate it.

I know what needs fixing, I’m just not sure when I’ll do it. Do I wait until I feel more confident as a writer and attack it again, afresh? Or do I do it soon and power through? Right now, I’m thinking of doing the latter.

What’s wrong with it? It needs reworking from top to bottom. The premise, I think, is a strong one. I just need to start with a blank sheet of paper and make sure I get to the point in the first few lines, be clear about what the character wants from life and devastate him a bit more, leaning on his addiction.

I guess this feeling can only be expected, especially with me just picking up the metaphorical pen again only recently but man, it took me a while to get over it. I just need to power through.

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