Monthly progress report

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Here’s a run down of all the stories I’m working on and what I’ve learned or found useful over the last month.

The Camp – Novel

The first draft of my first novel is done. It’s been sitting since September. I’ll discuss this more in an upcoming post, but my plan is to pick this back up on 1 April next year and not stop until 2nd draft is 100 %. How long that takes is anyone’s guess.

Status – Benched, until 1 April 2019.

Dark Days – Short

My short story about depression is currently with my number one publication on the spreadsheet. It falls somewhere between spec fic and literary, so I may have to be realistic about this one. That and the fact that it’s my first ever submission.

I learned a lot about the process and will share that in a future post.

Status – Submitted, awaiting response.

Falling & The Hag – Shorts

I am due to get editor comments back from both of these stories this week. I will probably pick the one that needs the least work and blast through that before Xmas holiday season ruins my schedule. Keen to get these out first thing next year.

Status – Awaiting editor comments

Left Behind – Short

This story came back from another editor (I like to mix it up and try different ones) way earlier than I expected. So I’ll whizz through the third and final draft of this one before Hag and Falling. I’m facing a conundrum with this one and I may go down the unusual route of drafting two different versions of this story.

Status – Final draft stage

Sunshine – Flash

This flash fiction story, about a rubbish situation, is ‘on the pile’ at the mo. If I get through my short stories in good time I may return to this sooner but I’m fine with it sitting a while longer.

Status – 2nd draft paused

Jars – Short

I’m super stoked with how well the first draft of my next horror short story came out. I’ve got high hopes for this one but we’ll see how they pan out. Like Sunshine, I’ll wait until I get Left Behind, Falling and The Hag done first before returning to Jars.

Status – First draft done

Goals for the next few weeks

  • Finish Left Behind, The Hag and Falling in time to publish early next year
  • Continue to read short story publications
  • Post my 2019 plan for competitions, etc.

This week’s schedule

  • Monday evening – Read
  • Tuesday evening – Write
  • Wednesday evening – Read
  • Thursday evening – Write
  • Friday morning – Write
  • Friday evening – Read
  • Saturday evening – Write
  • Sunday evening – Read

What I learned over the last month…

Still being new to this whole writing malarkey, I find that I’m learning more and more about what kind of writer I am with each sentence I write. I was super surprised when one editor said my story had a literary bent. I don’t read literary novels (although I do like a literary short story).

I need to just be patient. I’ve found it difficult having a story ready to go and not just firing it off to any old publication. I bought an issue of the publication I sent it to and read it beforehand just to make sure it was a good fit; something that I recommend all writers should do.

And I learned how to actually submit something. I’ll post about that soon as I found some uber helpful pages, but my it’s a hell of a process, different for each publication.

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