Short stories of the month – December

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Here are the best short stories I read in December. Please note:

  • Not all stories are from this month. Some outlets publish quarterly, others every two months, etc. These are simply some of the tales I read in December.
  • Please check out these publications (and others) and support them!

Best story(ies) I read:

I Will Go Gently by Susan McDonough-Wachtman – Metaphorosis

This one has stayed with me ever since reading it a few weeks ago. It’s very sad but beautifully written. The characters are instantly endearing and the ending, although you know what is likely to happen, is still heart-wrenching. Bonus points for use of the word hogwash.

On The Day You Spend Forever With Your Dog by Adam Shannon – Apex

This story is an amazing example of punching a reader in their emotional face (in the good way). I don’t even have a dog and I was nearly in tears. Such a well-structured story which manages to eek out every last emotion. The story actually comes with a warning from Apex – Do not read this story in public, unless you enjoy crying in public.

Best of the rest (in no particular order):

Birnam Platoon by Natalia Theodoridou – Interzone

A gripping tale which holds you from the first word to the last, it has all the feels and a few comments about war, too. Well worth the read and the whole Nov/Dec edition of Interzone is worth buying.

Single Parent by Sarah Gailey – Drabblecast

Fantastically creepy story with a twist on the ol’ ‘monster in the closet’ thing. It packs a punch, right in the heart.

The Thing About Ghost Stories by Naomi Kritzer – Uncanny Magazine

A wonderful twist on ghost stories and a heart-warming tale of loss. It is wonderfully written by someone who is fast becoming one of my favourite writers of the moment.

The Ten Things She Said Whilst Dying: An Annotation by Adam-Troy Castro – Nightmare Magazine

A truly terrifying tale, structured in an original way. Also, the audio version is read by Stefan Rudnicki who is my favourite narrator.

Cora by Steven Sheil – Black Static

I’ve never had someone so effectively turn a character around for me. One minute I was thinking she’s just a nosey old biddy, the next I felt for her and was immersed in this tale. Also it was very horrifying!

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