Short stories of the month – January

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Here are the best short stories I read in January. Please note:

• Not all stories are from this month. Some outlets publish quarterly, others every two months, etc. These are simply some of the tales I read in December.

• Please check out these publications (and others) and support them!

Best story(ies) I read:

My Pet Monster by C.K. Walker – NoSleep podcast

I still can’t get over this story. It punched me in the head, I wasn’t expecting the twist and it speaks to the author’s ability to direct your thinking before shattering your world. Excellent story, epic sadness and creepiness. A+++++

Best of the rest (in no particular order)

Cognitive Divergence by Eddie Moore – Theme of Absence

This short tale was a great read and a different take on the ol’ clone thing. The writing is crisp and unlike most clone stories, this tale is about the human and not the actual clone. Well worth a read.

The Right Number of Cats by Jenn Reese – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Heart-wrenching story about loss and cats, excellently written.

Hand Me Downs by Maria Haskins – Giganotosaurus

Great characters? Check. Tension? Check. Emotional depth? Check. Dancing trolls? Check. Original and attention grabbing, Maria has written yet another wonderful story.

A Cruelty That Cuts Both Ways by Aimee Ogden – The Dark Magazine

A very atmospheric story with tension aplenty. Well worth the read and January’s The Dark Magazine is a great. Also, great first line – The thunderbird had left two carcasses by the barn overnight.

The Sorrow and the Thunder by James Hayward – Lucent Dreaming

Prize for the best use of weather. This tale tugs at the heart strings and the atmosphere is palpable. Great story and a strong edition of Lucent Dreaming, you should definitely check it out.

What were your favourite short stories that you read in January?

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