Short stories of the month

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Here are the best short stories I read this month. Please note:

  • Not all stories are from “this month”. Some outlets publish quarterly, others every two months, and so on. I simply read what I can when I can.
  • Please check out these publications and support them!
  • Some months are better than others so I’m not going to stick to a ‘top ten’ format or anything like that.

Best story(ies) I read:

33 per cent Joe by Suzanne Palmer – Clarkesworld

Such a great story from top to bottom. The writer takes what is essentially a complicated idea and writes it so simply and beautifully. Great character in a bad situation in a world that sounds like it’s gone to pot. Might be ours soon…

Lockdown by Daniel Link – Five on the fifth

Excellent writing and such an emotional charged situation. Bravo to Mr Link for that ending! He had me racing through the last few sentences to see if she was going to do it or not…

The Dirt Road Man by Henry Galley – No Sleep podcast

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now. It’s one of those stories that stays with you. It works on lots of levels. It’s super scary but also a nice metaphor. It all works and No Sleep kills it with the narration.

Best of the rest (in no particular order)

Missed Connections by Alena Flick – Strange Horizons

Something a bit different. Great character and lots of personal ads…

Voices by Ira Brooker – Pseudopod

Creeeeepppy! “Let us in!”

The first week in July by Gavin Broom – Jersey Devil Press

Gavin shows us how to write an impactful story. It punches you right in the heart and stays with you. Poor wee guy.

Attic Angel by Dustin Chisam – No Sleep podcast

Another entry from No Sleep. You can feel the teenage angst dripping from this tale and it’s just very scary indeed.

A Kind of Haunting by Leila Green – Wyvern Lit

Haunting tale about a sad situation, excellently written.

Jigsaw by Tom Barlow – Broadswords and Blasters

Original tale about an ordinary couple. Also- porn puzzles??

This will not happen to you by Marissa Lingen – Uncanny Magazine

‘I dragged myself from one part of my life to another, every second of it pain.’ Nuff said.

Like Brownies by Michelle Kaseler – Coloured Lens

Wee thought provoking piece with enough food mentions to make you hungry.

Thanksgiving by Jeffrey Ford – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Great way to write a bunch of characters. I felt like I was there.

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