So… what’s the Word Burner?

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My name is Paul O’Neill and I’ve recently taken the big step I’ve dreamed of for my whole life; I am a writer. I invite you to join me as I learn the ins and outs of the craft and share in my pain as I begin to receive many rejection letters.

Since my first drafts are always rubbish and I have to burn a lot of words when fixing them, naming my site ‘the Word Burner’ felt appropriate. When reading books and posts about writing, there seems to be a never ending supply of fire related metaphors. Writing, for me, is like ‘being on fire’.

I’m going to post about everything I learn on my writing journey, the ups and downs. I’ll post links to various resources and competitions I find and share regular progress updates and my favourite short stories of the month from various publications.

I mostly write speculative fiction (fantasy and horror). If you like Stephen King, Ray Bradbury or Robert McCammon, we should be friends. My writing is heavily inspired by these and other similar authors. If I could one day write half as good as King, Bradbury or McCammon I’ll rejoice forever.

I don’t have a degree in English Lit or anything like that. I’m simply a man who loves reading, who has finally listened to the child within him who used to write stories that his teacher would read out in class. I’ve worked various jobs in communications / media relations for seven years now.


Paul O’Neill

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