Weekly progress report

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My short story, Dark Days, is finally ready to submit. Bring on the rejections! This will be the first story I’ve ever sent out so I’ll post about my experience as I wrap my head around the submissions process. I have my top seven publications to send this one to. Hopefully I don’t get through them all…

Last week’s progress:

Monday evening – 3 editing hours

Tuesday evening – Read

Wednesday evening – 2 editing hours

Thursday evening – 1 editing hour

Friday morning – 5 editing hours

Friday evening – Read

Saturday evening – Read

All day Sunday – 1 editing hour

The holiday season has been making me miss my usual all-day writing day on Sunday. I’m keen to stop this. I’ve got one more party this weekend but should be able to sit down all day on Sunday.

All of the editing hours last week were spent on either getting Dark Days over the line, or finishing the second draft of Left Behind in time to get it to an editor. I now have three stories out there awaiting feedback so I should have four stories I can send out for submission in the not too distant future.

Workable ideas in the bank: 4

Other bookish things

I love Joe Hill’s NOS4R2. I’m rereading it and the way he plays with the chapter structure is very effective. Also, the story just rocks. It’s so imaginative but it’s all held together with great characters.

This week’s schedule:

Monday evening – Write

Tuesday evening – Read

Wednesday evening – Write

Thursday evening – Read

Friday morning – Write

Friday evening – Write

Saturday evening – Read

All day Sunday – Write (dammit!)

This week’s goals

Send Dark Days submission (receive rejection, repeat)

Edit flash story, Sunshine

Outline Jars (and possibly write first draft if time)

Post 2019 writing plan blog

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