Weekly progress update

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Last week, I managed to put the finishing touches on two short stories, The Hag and Falling. These are now ready to go to an editor.

After much deliberation and a ranking of the ideas I have, I decided that the next two short stories I want to write are Jars and Waiting. They jumped out as the strongest ideas when I was ranking them on Thursday evening. For some reason still unknown to me, I decided to start Left Behind instead. Oh well. I wrote about two thirds of Left Behind before some life stuff happened which cancelled my usual Sunday writing day.

Last week’s progress:

  • Monday evening – 2.5 editing hours
  • Tuesday evening – 0.5 editing hours
  • Wednesday evening – 1 editing hour
  • Thursday evening – 2.5 editing hours
  • Friday morning – 3,727 words (Left Behind)
  • Friday evening – Read
  • Saturday evening – (Was not able to write as planned)
  • All day Sunday – (Was not able to write as planned)

Despite the plan not working out over the weekend, I’d still say I had a good week. Pushing Falling and The Hag over the line felt great.

Writing on back to back days just doesn’t work for me. I find that I can write one day and read/edit the next. I seem to run out of creative juice so I need to charge my battery by reading or whatever.

Workable ideas in the bank: 6

Other bookish things

Stinger by Robert McCammon is such a freekin’ awesome book. I’m reading it for the second time and I’d recommend it to anyone. Now that I’m examining it from a writer’s point of view, I appreciate the short chapter length’s and excellent characters. I’m going to aim for 2000 words per chapter when I do the second draft of my book, The Camp. Makes such a difference, pacing wise.

This week’s schedule:

  • Monday evening – Read
  • Tuesday evening – Write
  • Wednesday evening – Read
  • Thursday evening – Write
  • Friday morning – Write
  • Friday evening – Read
  • Saturday evening – Read
  • All day Sunday – Write

This week’s goals

  • Finish first draft of Left Behind
  • Edit Sunshine
  • Outline Jars
  • Post my short story of the month blog
  • Go through editor comments on Dark Days

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