Weekly progress update

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Last week, I got a lot of editing done for my short stories, Falling and The Hag. Falling is now ready to go to an editor and The Hag is coming along nicely.

I wrote the first draft of my first flash piece, Sunshine, which I’ll let sit for a few days before fixing it. Depending how I feel about it once it’s in a better state, I may not go to an editor with this one.

Last week’s schedule:

  • Monday evening – Read
  • Tuesday evening – Two hours of editing
  • Wednesday evening – Read
  • Thursday evening – Three hours of editing
  • Friday morning – Three hours of editing
  • Friday evening – Read
  • Saturday evening – (Was not able to write as planned)
  • All day Sunday – Four hours of editing and 782 words for Sunshine first draft

Total editing hours – 12

Word count – 782 (first drafts only)

All in all, a good week. The more I do this, the more I realise that editing is really difficult. I’m proud of the work I’ve put in and there have been multiple occasions where I wanted to rip my hair out and close my iPad but I stayed the course. I think that’s what writing is all about, powering through. It has been in my limited experience anyways.

Workable ideas in the bank: 6

Other bookish things

I finished Robin Hobb’s amazing Royal Assassin. Highly recommended. I think I’ve found a new favourite author. If you’re feeling the pain of the wait for Winds of Winter (which is everyone) then the Farseer Trilogy should give you a fix.

This week’s schedule:

  • Monday evening – Write
  • Tuesday evening – Read
  • Wednesday evening – Write
  • Thursday evening – Read
  • Friday morning – Write
  • Friday evening – Write
  • Saturday evening – Read
  • All day Sunday – Write

This week’s goals

  • Finish second draft of The Hag
  • Edit Sunshine
  • Come up for a plan for the next short story I’ll write
  • Continue to read short story publications

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